Move - Left thumbstick
Look - Right thumbstick
Run - A (bottom button)


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Tags3D, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Survival Horror, tank-controls


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Great ideas and I'm sure you put a lot of effort and time in your games, keep at it. :)

Just like ruins of the lost, great horror concept but the controls are so annoying. It's like I'm walking after 7 shots of liquor and a case of beer, all side ways and out of line. Your games will be MORE fun if the camera and movement are fixed. Again, I don't know if that's what you were aiming for but its highly annoying. 

alright, i got some complaints. you don't have to fix these, but here's why i'm not a huge fan;

1. the camera
i physically can't turn the camera around. only slightly to the left, forwards, and slightly to the right.

2. the turning speed
it's so painfully slow when i turn. at first i'm walking at a normal pace, then i press the right arrow and suddenly i'm one-hit KO'd by a tentacle and i die.

i am, however, a fan of the graphics. i'm a sucker for retro-looking video games so you got me there. i adore the ps1 looking style of the game, but i don't like the gameplay as much. all in all, 4.5/10

Fair, although, as with the other game, this was originally intended as a standalone game and html5 doesn't handle mouse input well as it stops at the border of the browser. A controller will alter the experience.

The gameplay and slow turns, yes you are very correct, it is slow and it does amount to quick and unfair deaths, but there is a sense of nostalgia to it. I used to play games like Alone in the Dark and the first Resident Evil games and the tank controls in them were very frustrating.

I guess there was a bit of a quest for lost time, a fragment of the past that I tried to convey. The visual look of Silent Hill, the controls of Resident Evil, the stupid scares and unfair deaths of Alone in the Dark. I hope I brought a bit of context to my choices in this. :)

SKIP TO 14:43!!!

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Thanks for playing and good thing you discovered the gamepad use early! Third part was going to be a very short (2-3 min) creepypasta visual novel with four or five endings. These were originally parts of a standalone project, which was a collection of small, experimental (and many of them stupid!) horror games where the story is linked together.

I gave it a run in an expo and although some did like them (especially Woods. Ruins wasn't much of a fan favorite, so to say) it wasn't really showing potential, so I put the project aside, and a few months later ported both of them to the browser.

I use itch as a both a graveyard for projects I haven't myself given a green light after user tests and as a kind of a testing ground if they have some potential that hasn't been seen in the initial user tests.

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Thanks for playing! :D

played this in the morning, still wondering why 😂

great game overall i loved the sound effects and the design! keep it up :]

Thanks for playing! Mornings are great time for playing, especially browser stuff :)

well, mornings are not exactly the best time for playing horror games like this one 😂